Model stand

Model stand

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Do you build plastic or paper models? We have a great stand for you.

The RedyFLIP stand is unique in its concept, which can be adapted to absolutely anything you could ask of it. From the beginning, it is designed to be variable, flexible and modular. With this stand, you will enjoy and simplify the construction of the model in any scale. The stand is designed by modellers for modellers ... in addition, it is gradually improved and supplemented with other useful parts. All parts are backward compatible.

RedyFLIP excels in stability, strength, durability and, most importantly, incredible capabilities that adapt it to everything you would ever want to take out of your model collection. Don't expect to find anything like that. We tried ordinary stands but we would not return to them ...

We use the stand for everything, even for transporting models - it is not a problem to transport at one base, e.g. two quarter kits at once. And that's completely safe, without the fear of anything being damaged in transit. With the stand, you have no problem firmly gripping any model for which commonly sold stands are absolutely not enough.

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Basic variants:











models on photos are in scale 1/48

B-17 1/48 & 1/32

Leoprad 2 in scale 1/35

Bismarck in scale 1/700

Bismarck in scale 1/350